48P Steel Pinion | 5mm Bore | 5.5mm Wide | 34T

48P Steel Pinion | 5mm Bore | 5.5mm Wide | 34T

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Product Overview

The Avid 34 tooth 48 pitch pinion is made out of steel. This pinion is specifically designed for the drag racing scene using 4 pole motors with 5mm bore shafts. What makes our pinion unique is that we made the teeth 5.5mm wide instead of the tapered teeth that end up being around 4mm. This allows for more surface area resulting in fewer stripped gears, especially when you mate this pinion with our Kimbrough spur gear lineup.

Aluminum vs. Steel Pinions

  • In drag racing, the choice between Avid 5mm Bore aluminum and steel pinions often comes down to the specific needs and goals of the vehicle. The majority of racers opt for aluminum pinions due to their lighter weight, which results in quicker acceleration. However, in cases where the vehicle experiences difficulties maintaining traction or keeping its nose down during launches, a steel pinion may be a better option. Steel pinions help balance the vehicle by limiting torque at the start, thereby improving horsepower and top-end speed.


  • 48 Pitch | 34 Tooth
  • Steel
  • 5mm bore
  • 5.5mm wide teeth
  • Full range available | 26-34 tooth
  • Laser etched for your convenience

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