TLR 13mm Shock Bodies | G3 | Avant Coating | Rear

TLR 13mm Shock Bodies | G3 | Avant Coating | Rear

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SKU: AV10119-R-AV
Price: $40.00

Est. Arrival (02-15-2024)

Product Overview

NOTICE: Tighten the cartridge as tight as you can when using our orings or use the orings off of your kit shocks. 

The TLR 13mm shock bodies with our new low friction Avant Coating offer 22 and 22X-4 racers the plush feeling of the larger bodies while utilizing all your other G3 components with 3mm shafts. When Cecil and his team at Schumacher developed the 13mm shock bodies in 2011 for the Cougar SV, the US market didn't take notice because our tracks were so different. The benefits were undeniable though when AE released theirs in the US for their B6.4. 

In 10th scale, pack is not something we strive for like we do in 8th scale. The larger 13mm body allows for less volume displacement under compression which allows for a much more predictable feeling on the track. This is why we have included (2) 2.5mm thin blank pistons for you to get going. With the piston face being larger at 13mm, this requires more oil to be moved so the standard piston configuration of 2x1.5 in the front and 2x1.6 in the rear does not work the same. We recommend starting with 2x1.7 in the front and 2x1.8 in the rear. If the track is super bumpy or choppy go up to 2x1.8 in the front and 2x1.9 in the rear.

Avant Coating

  • Avid's new Avant Coating offers the same strength as our mil-spec type III hard anodizing but with an even smoother low-friction surface.

Piston Tips

  • We recommend drilling the pistons to 2x1.7 in the front and 2x1.8 in the rear. Avid and AE 13mm pistons will work in these shocks and your standard oils such as 32.5F/30R. If the track is super bumpy or choppy go up to 2x1.8 in the front and 2x1.9 in the rear.


  • 13mm shock body for TLR 22 and 22X-4 buggies.
  • Works with all current G3 shock parts (cap, collars, cartridge, and 3mm shaft).
  • Comes with (2) 2.5mm thick blank 13mm pistons (Recommend 2x1.7 front and 2x1.8 rear).
  • Avant Coating for a long-lasting low friction surface, silver highlights for that sparkle, and laser etched AV logo for shameless advertising (thx).
  • Each package includes (2) TLR 13mm rear shock bodies, (2) 2.5mm thin blank pistons, and (2) cap and (2) cartridge orings.

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