New Avid Features - Flexkits, Text Messages, and Labels

Jul 15 2011

It has been quiet here and this is why!  Been in the lab reprogramming new Avid features.  A lot of these features are a one of a kind such as the Flexkit software and SMS messages.  So if you see anything odd on the site please email us and let us know.

  1. Flexkit Software RC1: Creates Packaged Kits instead of adding individual bearings to the cart. Customer receives kit as a package now.
  2. Cart Experience/Flow: Options are saved on every page and the ability to edit your selections at checkout. Ex: When you goto paypal and come back to our site, your shipping and SMS information will have been saved and you go straight to the checkout page instead of the review page as in the past. This saves on 4 clicks and no re-entry of data with the option to edit it as well.
  3. Labels: Items will now have labels w/barcodes, this is more for dealers but worth noting. Bags will also have a hole at the top to hang.
  4. Product Pages: New family design on left side, has all dimensions listed, sorting on main product page is logical now (10 isn't listed in front of 2).
  5. Search: Semi-intelligent search return once you start typing in box
  6. Text Message Notification: US customers can receive a text when order ships.
  7. Latest Items: Kits now show up in this section.

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