Avid's Alexander Hagberg wins IFMAR 12th Modified World Championship

Aug 24 2018

Alexander Hagberg has won Avid's 8th IFMAR World Title when he captured his personal second championship, this time in Modified 12th scale. Hagberg used our Aura bearings and titanium bits in his Xray X12 to take pole and win A1 and A2. If this wasn't exciting enough for us here at Avid winning our 8th IFMAR World title, Avid's Florian Joos took 3rd in 12th mod. This is exciting because Florian is only 15 years old which made him the Junior IFMAR World Champion. But it didn't stop there, we got word from Avid's Tim Kopp that he loaned out his car to EJ Evans that was fitted with all the same bits that Hagberg and Joos were running to win the 13.5 IFMAR World Championship. So you might say that we won 3 IFMAR titles but to keep the tally fair since EJ isn't an Avid driver and Junior champ isn't officially recognized, we will keep our titles at 8 since opening the doors in 2003.

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