ROAR Carpet Nationals | Avid Takes Home 4 National Titles

Mar 07 2016

This weekend Avid officially took home 4 of the 7 National Titles at the 2016 ROAR Carpet Nationals hosted at ProLevel RC in Missouri.

I can't believe I can say this, we swept the top 5 positions in both of the highly contested classes of 17.5 and 13.5 touring car!!! There were some amazing battles to be had in those mains and Mike Gee was able to come out on top to take both titles. Congratulations to Donny Lia for his 12th scale mod Title and to Matthew Lyons for sweeping the first two mains in USGT to take home his ROAR crown. Honorable mention to Eric Anderson for putting up a hard charge for the 13.5 12th championship by finishing up in 2nd.

We couldn't be any more proud of our team. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your success! Can't wait for MHIC in April to get everyone back together for another awesome carpet race.

In Touring mod, TQ and now our 2016 National Champion, Chris Adams, chose to run our Xray Aluminum Chassis. With there being several chassis options available on the market, it was a great feeling that our hard work developing that product shined in his hands against some of the fastest drivers in the country!

17.5 A-Main | Avid National Champion and Team
1st Gee, Mike
2nd Isaacs, Samuel
3rd Klingforth, Kyle
4th Xavier, Craig
5th Anderson, Eric
7th Sydor, Bill
8th Klingforth, Brent
10th Parsons, Cory

13.5 A-Main | Avid National Champion and Team
1st Gee, Mike
2nd Lyons, Matthew
3rd Klingforth, Kyle
4th Anderson, Eric
5th Isaacs, Samuel
8th Sydor, Bill

12th Mod A-Main | Avid National Champion and Team
1st Lia, Donny
6th Doherty, Andrew
8th Ellis, Andrew

USGT 21.5 | Avid National Champion and Team
1st Lyons, Matthew
2nd Sydor, Bill
4th Klingforth, Brent
5th Parsons, Cory

Live RC has video of the whole event still in the results of each heat/main here,

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