JP Richards Wins The First Round Of The WRL Series

Oct 21 2011

This past weekend was the first round of the WRL (Winter Racing League) held at CRCRC. The race was a one-day event that attracted 120+ entries with drivers from Losi, AE and X-Facotry. I was in attendance running 2wd mod, which was the biggest class with 40 entries. The race was ran in three 5 minute rocket round qualifiers with a resort after 2 rounds, with a single 8 minute Amain.

R1, I went out and set TQ by 5 seconds. I had a few mistakes and a marshal stepping in front of me, but other than that it was a clean run.

R2, I decided to try a little setup change that ended up make my car to hard to drive. My TQ was still safe after R2.

R3, I went back to my R1 setup and with fresh tires I was ready to go. At the start I was on a new TQ pace by about 5 seconds. Later in the race I got caught up in traffic slowing me down to miss resetting TQ.

At the end of qualifying I was TQ and the only driver to turn 16 laps. For the main I started with the lead and never looked back. I also set the single fastest lap of the weekend in 2wd of a 19.0 

The next series race is on November 19, if you are there stop by and say hi and ask any questions.

Written by: JP Richards

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