Tessman wins at the 1st round of the ARCOR series in Calgary, AB.

Jun 11 2012

June 1-3, 2012 Ty attended the 1st round of the ARCOR series in Calgary, AB.  

He tq'd all 4 rounds of Nitro Buggy Pro, and 4WD Short Course, and tq'd 3 rounds of Nitro Truck Pro opting to sit out the 4th round.

Starting on the pole in the 30 minute buggy main Ty got out to a good start and continued to hold his lead until an unusual flame out put him out of the race for 4 laps, another flame out a bit later put him out for another 3 laps, unfortunately the time remaining in the race only allowed Ty to get back up to 2 laps down from the leader and finished 2nd.

In the 8 min 4WD short course main, even though Ty tq'd he opted to start at the back of the pack to get some video footage with his onboard video camera.  Ty quickly made his way to the front of the pack and went on to take the win.

In the 30 minute truggy main Ty led from start to finish taking the win.

Congratulations to Ty's protege and practice partner, 9 yr old Brady Cox on his dominant win in Nitro Buggy Lite running the HB D8 powered by his OS engine and Byrons fuel with Proline tires.

Ty would like to thank Avid and all of his other sponsors for their continued support, also thank you to RC Gears club of Calgary, AB for putting on a great race.

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