USPS Increases Shipping Prices

Jan 28 2013

As of Jan. 27th, USPS has increased their prices and First Class International takes the brute of this with increases as high as 50% and now limited to a max weight of 1lb. Our shipping is given in real time and weights are calculated to the thousandths of an ounce along with volume of each to ensure your products are shipped in the smallest packaging possible. Majority of companies do not do weights by the ounce but by the pound so no matter what you order it will start at 1lb. We also provide all this information to you in the bottom of the right column so you may research our prices to ensure we have quoted you the cheapest solution.

So when you see the price increase in shipping from us, please remember that we are not reaping from new found profits. This is a nation wide increase and will change the face of international shipping for our country. You may notice that some companies may not have the increase in pricing as of yet because most businesses do not have real time shipping pricing, they use tables to calculate the cost. They haven't been made aware of the price increase as of yet. But be aware, this will change everywhere, and it will be soon.

For more information you may read the official documents here,

We are very sad to see this increase and hope that it can improve international shipping quality and speed. In the scheme of things, comparing the pricing to Fedex, UPS, or DHL, it is still extremely affordable. We are doing our best to come up solutions to help our international customer base. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Side Notes Regarding Russia:

Russia takes the largest hit here.  USPS seems like they are joining UPS and Fedex by not wanting to ship there anymore because postage to Russia can no longer be done through the automated systems that the majority of small-medium size businesses use.  We do have access to ship regular Priority and Express (not flat-rate) and this is quite expensive.  80% of our lost packages are to Russia so we are not sure what to offer to our customers there.  We are working on solutions though.

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