Triad Red Aggressive Slipper Pads Have Been Released

May 09 2013

After testing for the past few months at the KO Grand Prix, Reedy Race, and Cactus Classic, AVID is releasing our new Red Aggressive Slipper Pads.  The Red slipper pads are a new material which engages faster and gives a more direct clutch response.  Now you can fine-tune your clutch by running a combination of white and red pads depending on the vehicle,  motor, and surface.   Pads are $8.00 for a set of 3 pads, although most racers will find themselves running combinations of red and white pads as this new option opens up a whole new range of tuning for the Triad clutch.   See the Tuning Guide PDF for reference (this card is included with each package of red pads).



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