Xray XB4 Machined Pistons Available

May 10 2013

XRAY racers can now run the signature AVID setup on the XB4 buggy. The AV1033 pistons are custom machined from XRAY shocks to tune high speed and low speed damping separately with 2 large 1.5mm (or 1.6mm) holes and 2 small 1.1mm holes (we call it the 2+2 piston). AVID's test drivers found that these pistons help provide the traction and bump handling of running lighter shock oil or larger piston holes, while still maintaining the control of running heavier oil or smaller hole piston when taking on jumps.

Piston Tips

  • Use 1.5+1.1 piston in XB4 Front. Start with 35 wt Associated oil (425 cSt). For XRAY oils, use 450 cSt.
  • Use 1.6+1.1 piston in XB4 Rear. Start with 30 wt Associated oil (350 cSt). For XRAY oils, use 350 cSt.

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