Avid 17mm Triad Light Weight Wheel Nuts

May 21 2014

The Avid Triad 17mm Light Weight Wheel Nuts are the lightest 8th scale wheel nuts on the market (0.96g/ea). The unique Triad design utilizes only three corners of the nut instead of 6 to give the nut it's light weight while also protecting the laser etched Avid "A's" from being worn off like popular closed nuts. But don't think this takes away from the torque handling capabilities. With a quality wheel wrench you can crank these puppies down and the serrations will add the confidence you need for keeping them on.

  1. Lightest serrated wheel nut on the market, coming in at 0.96g/ea.
  2. Unique Triad 3 cornered nut, uses common 17mm wheel wrenches.
  3. Serrated to ensure they stay on during those long mains.
  4. Laser etched with three small A's which are protected from being scratched off.
  5. Open nut which doesn't extend past the tire like popular closed nuts.
  6. M12 x 1.0 Fine Thread (Fits all modern 8th scale vehicles, AE, TLR, HB, KYO, MUG, XRAY)
  7. Available colors: Black, Red, Blue, and Hard Anodized.
  8. Each package includes 4 wheel nuts and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.


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