Avid Triad Evo Drive Plates | Available Now

Sep 11 2014

The Triad Evo Slipper Clutch utilizes a new plate design that is self-centering so you no longer have to use those 3 annoying black washers that you are always dropping on the floor. We also added 3 vented slots in order to remove some rotating mass (a whopping 0.4g, well we tried) and to help with cooling the plate during a vented operation.

The original Triad Slipper Clutch Kits will have a running name change to Triad Evo Slipper Clutch and will include these new Evo plates along with a new set of install instructions. The Evo plates are also available separately if racers would like to upgrade their current slipper, nothing else is needed.

They are compatible on every vehicle except the Durango conversion. Due to the nature of the Durango design they are too tight for operation so now the Durango upgrade kit will include (2) original Triad Plates without any price change.

For customers that just recently purchased a Triad slipper and have yet to use it, we will honor a free exchange of the original plates for the new Evo plates.


  • Self-centering plate design, no more black centering washers needed.
  • Vented to remove rotating mass and better cooling (vented operation suggested).
  • Made out of 7075-T6 aluminum and then hard anodized to ensure a long life.
  • Included in Triad Evo Slipper Clutch Kits.
  • Backwards compatible with the original Triad Slipper Clutch.
  • NOT compatiable with our Durango triad conversion.
  • NEW Install Instructions.

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