New Products | 5x10x3 Revolution, Aura B5M (3-Gear) Gearbox Kit

Nov 06 2014

5x10x3 Revolution | $1.00/ea

We have made the 5x10x3 in our famous Revolution seal configuration (Rubber on one side to block debris and metal on the other for performance).  This bearing is growing in popularity in both the onroad and offroad 1/10th sized vehicles.  The TLR 22-4 is the first to introduce this size on the front axles (4) and any touring car that has upgraded to DCJ's in the front will use (2) of these instead of the common 5x10x4.

Aura B5M (3-Gear) Gearbox Kit | $48.00

Team Associated has released a 3-Gear transmission for the B5M to reduce rotating mass by removing the 4th gear and swapping out the 6x12 bearings on the topshaft to 5x10x4's.  So we have put together our Aura B5M (3-Gear) Gearbox Kit so you can milk every last bit of performance out of your newest investment.

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