Losi 8ight Bearings in Stock, Cen Indo Testing

Sep 19 2006

Our Losi 8ight bearings are in and we have all the crucial bearings in our Revolution style (rubber on one side and metal on the other) except for the 5x13 and 6x10. If you visit either the 8x14 or 5x13 bearing product info page it will provide you with the needed bearings for the whole kit. We have done this because we feel this car will be very popular yet confusing on what bearings to purchase because it will utilize standard as well as metric bearings.

We have also just added the 4x8 Flanged Revolution to our fleet http://www.avidrc.com/?action=item&id=94. Expect to see 5x13 Revolutions in the next couple of weeks. The Cen brakes have also come in and we are sending them out to drivers for testing before they are ready for sale.

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