Bearings restocked, improved 8x16 seal, international shipping updated

Jan 24 2008


1. Restock of bearings, HPI Baja 5B
2. Improved 8x16 Revolution Seal
3. International Shipping Improved 4. Avid Indo Brakes are on their way


1. Restock of bearings
We have restocked almost everything, and we got a lot of new stock in. For instance we have 6x10 Revolutions, all the bearings for the HPI Baja 5B (start here and there is a list of what is needed, and 3/8 x 5/8 Revolutions are finally back for the electric AE cars. We added the 6x12 Flanged Revolution for the Losi LST2.


2. Improved 8x16 Revolution Seal
The 8x16 Revolution is our second best seller and some racers have been asking that we work on the seal for better protection. We have done just that, now the seal is tighter and they are lasting even longer than before.


3. International Shipping Improved
One of the largest request to date other than making kits is that we offer an affordable shipping price for international. We added first class international with insurance included in the shipping price, so now instead of costs well over $20usd, now they are in the sub $10usd for most orders.


4. Avid Indo Brakes are on their way
Our brakes should be arriving any day now!!!

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