New website soft release

Sep 05 2009

We are currently doing a soft release of our new website which already has some new features and others that are not being released until we get some more testing on the new code.  Please let us know if you have trouble with certain areas.  The biggest concern is that older browsers will have a hard time viewing certain sections.  It has been tested by every new browser available and appears to be very strong.

New Features: (Currently Available)

  • News is back: For a while there we didn't have the news up because of a site crash
  • Ability to reorder: You can now go into your account area > View Order History tab > View order > Reorder.  Now if there are items that are not in stock then it will tell you that they won't be added to the order.  If you happen to have items in your cart then it will just add to them.
  • Dealers list: At the bottom under Company you can view our dealers by country.  In due time it will be searchable by state for the US.
  • Mini cart: Now there is a little mini-cart in the upper right corner so you can have a quick glimpse of how many items are in your cart and the total.
  • Search: Has been improved on in order to just return what you are looking for more percisely. IE: 5x10, 3/16, 3/8 x 5/8.
  • Latest items: You may now view the latest items added to the website from the large link in the middle of the front page or at the bottom of the page in the COMPANY section.
  • Username / Password reminder: Now you may view your username when you request a password reset.  The email sent to you will contain your username and the link to reset your password.
  • Larger fonts/graphics: Now it is easier to read our website, design over the years has changed a bit to a more forward thinking Web 2.0 philosophy that Avid is trying to capture.

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