Going big at the 2009 Nitrocross!

Oct 19 2009

The Nitrocross at The Nitro Pit just wrapped up this weekend and Avid had a stellar performance by all the team guys that attended.  The name to mention first and foremost is Casey Peck.  Casey TQ'd and won the expert buggy class which gets him automatically invited to the prestigious invitational class next year.  The newest addition to the Avid team, Chris Wheeler, swapped the lead back and forth with Casey during the expert main and was able to hold off the hard charging Brent Thielke to keep second place.  Travis Amezcua took the TQ and win in the new and up and coming class of electric buggy with Casey in second and Robbers in the A as well.  Now to get to the invitational class.  Avid had 3 drivers make the show in buggy, Josh Wheeler, Jesse Robbers, and Taylor James.  In truggy Avid saw 4 drivers in the main, Josh Wheeler, Travis Amezcua, Jesse Robbers, and Taylor James.  All in all an extremely successful race for us!
Expert A-main:
1 Casey Peck 46 30:13.295  TQ
2 Chris Wheeler 46 30:29.126
Expert Truggy A-main:
3 Chris Wheeler 46 30:26.972
6 Casey Peck 45 30:36.108
Electric Buggy A-main:
1 Travis Amezcua 15 10:12.348  TQ
2 Casey Peck
? Jesse Robbers
Invitational Buggy A-main:
10 Josh Wheeler 30 19:37.391
14 Jesse Robbers 26 17:34.256
15 Taylor James 16 10:21.130
Invitational Truggy A-main
5 Taylor James 30 18:54.471
11 Travis Amezcua 29 18:35.982
13 Josh Wheeler 27 17:24.048
15 Jesse Robbers 3 2:07.461

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