Introducing some new team drivers

Oct 21 2009

I would like to introduce a few new drivers to the Avid team. 

Casey Peck joined us about 2 months ago and boy the timing couldn't be better.  He just smashed it TQ'ing and winning the Open buggy at the Nitrocross.

Chris Wheeler joined us about 2 weeks ago and same goes for him, he was on fire this past weekend at the Nitrocross coming in second behind Peck and lead for a substantial amount of time in the main.

Dylan and Donnie Rodriguez just joined us yesterday.  I met them about 5 years ago at the Silverstate when they were running the Hellfire and Dylan had to be 12 or something.  They have been running Avid stuff for a long time now and Dylan was running insane pro level laptimes in the Open Buggy main at the Nitrocross with his BCE equiped Mugen.  Just ran into a few problems at the beginning.  Excited to see where he goes, hopefully he won't get sucked into the high school machine like I did...

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