Ryan Cavalieri and David Joor win big at the RC Pro Series

Nov 10 2009

It was once again time for the RC Pro Series Finals in Alvarado Texas which never ceases to amaze.  This year the track was run moist with routine maintenance every night but it still didn't prevent the track from becoming blown out.  It really tests the vehicles to their max limit.  The amazing thing is that you could run one set of tires the whole week without 0 wear!

Cavalieri after have a tough brake in Truggy with a stretched fuel stop going bad just a few inches from the loop while he was battling for top spot got to seek his revenge on Saturday in Buggy.  In the main it was 4 people that just seemed to get through the mine fields more percisely, which was Cavalieri, Drake, Fischer, and Lutz.  At the beginning it was Drake, Cav, and Fischer swapping the lead every couple of laps with Lutz just waiting for their mistakes.  In the end is seemed that Drake's car couldn't take the track conditions as well and Cav just started to pull a comfortable lead.  Congrats to Cavalieri for a great race and showing that Avid Bearings has what it takes to be at the top of the field once again.

Electric buggy, which is becoming a new up and coming class, saw some great battles for the top spot.  Fischer TQ'd all four rounds and was set for a great set of triple mains.  However his car once again wasn't as strong in the blown out parts where my car (David Joor) was just getting better.  It was very crucial to be up front for a clean start and luckily Billy and I were able to captialize on this every main getting out clean.  In the first main I took the lead on lap three and started to slowly pull away for the next 5 laps or so but with a wreck Billy got in the lead and that was when lap traffic became an issue.  Billy was much better at getting through the tough passes and stretched out an 8 second lead.  With two laps to go I got within 2 seconds of him before I hit a corner marshall walking on the track.  I tried some heroic jumps on the last lap to get back up to Billy but he was calm cool and collected and took the win.  The second main was brutal with all kinds of mayhem on the track.  It was very tough to get through the worsening bumps and holes and traffic was playing more and more of a role.  Billy and I were once again battling and changing the lead back and forth but once I got in the lead and got a little room on the last two laps Billy's battery went soft and he couldn't clear any of the big jumps.  Going into the third main was nerve racking to say the least.  Billy and I were tied and it was anyones game.  At the beginning I just couldn't find a rhythm and Billy had his.  He got a good lead of about 12 seconds or so but with the brutal track conditions his body began to come off and from what I was told it literally flew off his car which meant he had to come into the pit and have it taped on.  It cost him 20 seconds and with just a few laps left to go there was no catching up while Brent and I had our battle for the lead.  Luckily I came out on top and took the overall win with two firsts.  Not quite the way I like to win but that is racing and I was there to win it. 

I was also using our ceramic motor bearings in my Tekin T8 motor.  This is two event wins (RC Pro State Finals in Texas and RC Pro Finals) with them so look for them coming soon.

I am still waiting on the full results because we had some great finishes in truggy but liverc only has the buggy day online.

Pro Buggy
1 Cavalieri, Ryan (Avid Bearings)
2 Lutz, Ryan
3 Drake, Adam
4 Wheeler, Joshua (Avid Bearings)
5 Lopez, Ryan
6 Branham, Jason (Avid Bearings)
7 castleberry, patrick
8 Skidmore, Kyle (Avid Bearings)
9 Hickerson, Gene
10 Fischer, Billy
11 Battaile, Mike
12 Bacon, Tony
13 Smolnik, Andrew
14 Scadden, RJ
15 Mangelsdorf, Dave

Electric 8th Scale Buggy
1 Joor, David (Avid Bearings, in the Tekin motor as well)
2 Fischer, Billy
3 Thielke, Brent
4 Allison, Chris (Avid Bearings)
5 Atomic, Ron (Avid Bearings)

This is the rest of the Amain but I don't have the overall points
? hale, steve
? Smolnik, Andrew
? Joiner, Adam
? Burtle, Ben
? Daniel, Gene
? Burton, Alan
? Cathlina, Jeremy
? Vanderpool, Nick (Avid Bearings)
? Duvieilh, Joe
? Morrow, Mark (Avid Bearings)

Open Buggy
1 Wheeler, Ben
2 Vanderpool, Nick (Avid Bearings)
3 Jackson, Mike
4 tate, courtney
5 Clark, Michael
6 mann, jim
7 Sistrunk, Matt
8 Fruge', Cody
9 Lefebvre, Nick (Avid Bearings)
10 Fleck, Ronald
11 tejada, pablo
12 hayes, michael
13 Ferguson, Jay 
14 Porter, Jason
15 Buster, Derek (Avid Bearings)

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