5x10 Mispackage

Dec 22 2009

Dear Customer -
I am writing this today because we have become aware that 5x11's were sent out to a few customers instead of the 5x10's that a few customers ordered.  This was due to the label from our manufacturer looking more like the MR115-RSZ part number instead of the MR105-RSZ.  This in return got them placed into the 5x10 Revolution bin.  Luckily a couple of customers brought this to my attention yesterday and I have gotten to what I believe is the full list of the customers that this unfortunate event has happened to.  We have emailed all of the customers that I feel were effected by this but if you didn't get an email and you have an issue please email us with your order number and your solution below.
At this moment in time we don't have enough Revolutions to reship all the customers the exact bearing you ordered.  So I have put together several options together that you may choose from.  First and foremost, we will give you a 30% off coupon on your next order because of the trouble this may have caused, which I hope wasn't much.  Here are the the added options and you may email us here http://www.avidrc.com/company/contact/.
1.  Email us back if you would like either Rubber or Metal as a 5x10 replacement.
2.  Email us if you would like a full refund for the 5x10's and shipping costs that you paid for.
3.  Email us if you would like Revolutions and willing to wait for 2 weeks when they get in.  There will be a chance that we have enough to ship them out to you now and will let you know if we do if this is the route you would like to possibly choose.
I am completely open to any other solutions.  I am very sorry this has happened to you and I hope my solutions are satisfactory enough.  If you live in the US we will send you a return package for the 5x11's with your new order however it isn't mandatory for you to return them if this is a hassle.  As for international customers, I will discuss this one on one with you because of the difficulties it will impose.

Thank you,

David Joor
Avid Racing Concepts

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