13x20x4 Revolutions are in for the Xray 2010 Spec 808 + Newsletter

Feb 03 2010

In This Issue - February 3, 2010

  1. 13x20x4 & More in Stock
  2. All New Website & Features
  3. New Product Lines
  4. Follow Us On Facebook and Twitter
  5. Dominating in 2010 at the Races

13x20x4 & More Bearings Back in Stock

Avid is very excited to announce that our 13x20x4 Revolutions for the new Xray 808 2010 Spec are done being made. You can always count Avid to be the first 3rd party bearing manufacturer to have the newest odd sizes available to market. It really only seems as though Xray does this but we were the first with the 13x19x4 and the 5x12x4 as well.

13x20x4 Revolution:

We also just got a new bearing load in and into our inventory. There are more bearings coming as well within a weeks time so keep your eyes peeled!

All New Website & Features

If you haven't been to the website in a while, you will be quite surprised. The site has be completely developed from the ground up using the newest technologies the Internet has to offer. It was soft launched over 3 months ago and now we are ready to begin pushing it. And to top it off there are no many new features it will be impossible to list them all but here is a quick overlook.

  1. All domestic orders receive delivery confirmation
  2. We accept Discovery and Amex credit cards now
  3. Ability to reorder previous orders in your admin area
  4. Mini-cart in the upper right corner to keep easy track of items
  5. Link on front page that lists newest added items
  6. Dealer list at the bottom to find a hobbyshop near you
  7. Gift certificates for your friends or family

New Product Lines

We have so many new product lines and so many in the works. Take a look at the new things we have!

  1. Steel Clutch Shims (in reusable container)
  2. Engine Gaskets for .21's
  3. Ceramic Diff Balls (in reusable container)
  4. One-Way Bearings
  5. Thrust Bearings

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

After a longtime debating if social networking was necessary, it turns out it doesn't hurt! Twitter is used mainly for news releases and Facebook is used to post your photos and receive web specials so you better join now!



Dominating 2010 Already

Jesse Robbers dominates at the 2010 CRCRC Midwest Championships
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Travis Amezcua wins the 2010 Airtronics Winter Nationals
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