Skidmore and Branham Win The 2010 Icebreaker in Dallas Texas

Mar 01 2010

The Icebreaker is a popular event in Texas that has been attracting the pros such as Pavidis, Lutz, Branham, Skidmore, and several others.  This year Lutz made the trek to enjoy the indoor track at Indy RC.  Lutz took TQ in both  classes with some blistering times but the mains just lead to pure bad luck at both of the starts.  Jason Branham in his Avid equipped Xray XT8 took full advantage of this and lead the main wire to wire with his Avid teammate Derek Guidry getting second.  In the buggy main with Ryan Lutz flaming at the start, once again Jason took the advantage in the 2nd qualifying spot by ducking under him right when it happened.  Almost everyone else got stuck in the back of Lutz's car unfortunately which allowed Jason to lead for most of the main.  On the second pit stop, Avid's Kyle Skidmore had gotten in front of Jason but Kyle flamed in the pit giving Jason a 5 second cushion to hit cruise control.  After 30 minutes of Jason leading though, Kyle had pushed his way back to Jason's tail and the next 4 minutes would be an amazing race of switching for the lead.  In the end Jason made a small bobble on the last lap that let Kyle take the lead and hold onto it at the buzzer.  Once again another class for Avid to take the first two podium spots.

Buggy top 3

1. Kyle Skidmore - Avid, Associated, Reedy, Rocket Science, Pro-Line
2. Jason Branham – Avid, Xray, Byron’s, Pro-Line

3. Ryan Lutz – Tamiya, Alpha, Byron’s, AKA

Truck top 3

1. Jason Branham – Avid, Xray, Byron’s, Pro-Line
2. Derek Guidry – Avid, Associated, OS, Pro-Line
3. Garry Haggard – Losi, Alpha, Nitro Juice, Panther

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