New Website Features | Email Notification On Stock Updates, First Class International Shipping

Mar 11 2010

Customers are always asking us to email them when a product gets back in stock.  To simplify this task I have added a new feature called "Email Notify".  This button is located on each product page underneath the "Add To Cart" button.  If you are logged in, simply click the button and then submit.  If you are a guest or not logged in just add your email address.  You will only be emailed once and then removed from our system.  So if you are a guest you will not be added to any continuing mailing list.

The second addition is a another attempt at lowering shipping costs to our international customers.  We have done this in the past with varied success.  We are bringing back First Class International shipping for a limited trial period but this time around we are adding insurance per every order and a disclaimer on the shipping page of the delays that could incur.  Hopefully this will have more success this time around.

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