Branham and Joor win at the RC Pro Series Texas Rd. 1

Mar 15 2010

This was a great weekend for Avid at first RC Pro Series Texas Round 1 being hosted at Mike's Hobbyshop in Porter Texas, not to be confused with Mike's Hobbyshop in Dallas.  This one day event had 247 paid entries and things got underway at 11am!  Needless to say, the racers were beat by the end.  The main events didn't end until 5:30am and it was fairly chilly to boot.

Jason Branham took his Xray 808 and XT8 to the TQ position after having a battle in buggy by missing his first qualifier due to an heat change that he didn't notice.  But he went on to take the honors with the 2 out of 3 setup and did this in truck as well.  I, David Joor, took the TQ honors in Electric 8th with my hybrid 808.  I too faced difficulty because in the second qualifier with a couple of laps to go my speedo turned off due to a poor speedo location.  But I got the third round and won the first two A mains to secure the win and allowed to leave the race early at 1:30am!  I ran KO Radio, Jconcepts Barcodes, Tekin, BCE, and Paint by Smiley. 

In the mains Jason had an uphill battle in truck by breaking a shock early into the main.  However he continued to race on it and take the win.  In buggy, from what I was told he had a great race and left the field.

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