April Newsletter: Bearings Back In Stock, New Website Features, Cheaper Shipping

Apr 02 2010

In This Issue - April 2, 2010

  1. Bearings Back In Stock & New Sizes
  2. Get Notified On Stock Levels
  3. Less Expensive International Shipping
  4. Follow Us On Facebook and Twitter

Bearings Back In Stock

I would first like to start off with how sorry I about the stock levels. In almost 7 years of Avid history every year between Feb. 15ish - Mar. 15ish our factory closes. Each and every year I try to guess what will need to be high in stock levels and every year Avid just grows so much larger that it is a learning curve each time. That said I am in the process of making HUGE changes with Avid and soon it will become obvious!

So almost everything is back in stock and in a couple of weeks another huge inventory increase will take place. Avid also got several new sizes in stock, visit this link to see all of them http://www.avidrc.com/product/n/latest-items/ or look at them listed below.

Get Notified On Stock Levels

One thing that several customers asked for, was a system of notification for when the stock level of a particular item was back in. Well Avid has done just that. On each product page there is now a button named "Email Notify". When you click on it you can add your email address or if you are logged in it will automatically be filled in for you. You will receive only one email when the products stock level increases and that is it. You won't be added to a mailing list and you won't be continually emailed each time the stock level increases.

Less Expensive International Shipping

Avid has gone out on a limb here and has begun using First-Class International again for orders. This gets shipping down as low $2 depending on how much you order. The reason Avid stopped shipping with this is because of the amount of losses and complaints coming in from customers. This time around there is notification that it may take up to 30 days to arrive and insurance has been added to each delivery. So far it has been working out quite well and hope it stays that way.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

After a longtime debating if social networking was necessary, it turns out it doesn't hurt! Twitter is used mainly for news releases and Facebook is used to post your photos and receive web specials so you better join now!



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