David Joor and Jason Branham win the RC Pro US Rd.2

Apr 04 2011

I (David Joor) attended the 2011 RC Pro US Series Round 2 at Indy RC this past weekend and after coming from my wins from the Icebreaker and 2011 RC Pro Texas State Series Round 1, I was hoping to keep the trend alive.  This weekend it was all about testing new parts from a few manufacturers.  The most important being the Team Associated Worlds package that they are working on that has the new shock towers for the RC8B.  All I can say is WOW about this setup, the car was amazing before and now you can even push it harder with confidence.  Getting to the race and thrashing on my RC8B's was not an easy task but nevertheless got them done in time for the race.  I also got a prototype version of the FTW body which they are working on a forward cab setup that just looks so amazing and handles the track with superb form.  

Qualifying in electric was what I was hoping for by setting TQ in rounds 2,3, and 4.  I also set the fastest overall round even over nitro buggy with an 11 5:13.  As for nitro it was nothing but troubles here and there and was going to start off in 6th.

In the mains for electric I took the win in the first two mains by leading wire to wire from my TQ position with a dominate lead in round 1 by 17 seconds and round 2 by 15 with Team Associated's Kraig Kruegar taking the second place spot.  For these two mains I was running AKA Enduro Softs with Red Soft Foam and the Evo wheel.  I decided to run the 3rd round to test tires for the nitro main using AKA Impact Soft's and I am sure glad I did because the track had definitely come to them.  My nitro main started off cleanly and just began picking my way through the cars ahead.  I would go on to exchange 2nd through 4th for most of the race and with 9 minutes to go I took 2nd place over for the rest of the race.  Jason Branham of Avid was untouchable, he lead wire to wire and removed himself from all the battles that were taking place for a smooth win in his Xray.

Thanks goto my Sponsors:  Team Associated, Reedy, AKA, KO Propo, Tekin, Powermaster, Avid, FTW, Speedster Hobbies, and Paint by Smiley.

Electric Results:
1st    David Joor (Avid)
2nd    Kraig Kruegar (Avid)
3rd    Christopher Tex

Nitro Pro Buggy Results:
1st    Jason Branham (Avid)
2nd    David Joor (Avid)
3rd    Mike Battaile
Electric Mains:
A1 http://www.indyrcworld.net/race/results/04-03-2011/R5_Race_11_1-8%20E-BUGGY_A1-Main.html
A2 http://www.indyrcworld.net/race/results/04-03-2011/R5_Race_14_1-8%20E-BUGGY_A2-Main.html
A3 http://www.indyrcworld.net/race/results/04-03-2011/R5_Race_17_1-8%20E-BUGGY_A3-Main.html
Nitro Pro Buggy Main:

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