Avid RC Newsletter - April 14th, 2011

Apr 14 2011

In This Issue - April 14, 2011

  1. Avid is growing
  2. FTW bodies have arrived and more to come
  3. Some new website features
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Avid is growing

Question on every one's mind is when is stock coming it, good news, it should all be back in just a few weeks!

All I can say is wow! In the past two years growth has been so steady that more office/storage space has been required, new shipping methods, and in a month or so a few employees will be coming on. Just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for making this happen. There are so many plans in the pipeline for Avid, such as new products and accessories to new bearing developments! SO keep your eyes peeled.

A lot of customers have asked what happened to the yellow seals, they are black now? Well there was a problem with some of the yellow stock not passing our quality tests because the seals were literally missing sections. It became too tedious to go through the stocks and remove these bearings so while they were working on the issue we switched to black seals so there would be no decline in the performance of the bearing. Avid is glad to announce though that the yellow seals will be coming back.

Avid also got several new sizes in stock, visit this link to see all of them http://www.avidrc.com/product/n/latest-items/

FTW bodies have arrived and more to come


There is a new company on the horizon and they are called FTW. When I first heard about these guys in my region making bodies I didn't really think anything of it because I have seen it all before. Then I saw one and I was completely blown away from the designs. Their inspiration came from Jet Fighters and their manufacturing was of the most premium quality. So Avid decided it would be a great combo to help get them on the map and at the same time it was helping Avid develop shipping methods for larger items for future projects.

FTW is also working around the clock to develop more bodies and lets just say the projects are phenomenal. I have been running a prototype on my RC8B's and here is a small picture of it http://www.liverc.com/news/race_results/326-AvidRC_Wins_Louisiana_State_Championships/

About FTW
FTW Racing Components was created to equip enthusiasts and serious racers with components of unsurpassed quality that exhibit form and function that defies convention. We focus our team's over four decades of successful R&D and manufacturing experience in the plastics and composites industries on developing revolutionary products for our fellow racers.

Currently Avid is not setup to be a distributor for FTW products so for all you dealers out there looking to carry these bodies, feel free to contact them to become an Authorized Reseller and please mention that you located them through Avid RC because we would definitely like to become a distributor in order to make your life easier and obviously so we can make a little money...


Some new website features

Email Notify:

This is a new feature that has been added to each product page which allows you to enter your email address for an instant notification when stock levels change. This is a single email, once it is sent your email will be removed from the list so that you don't continually get emails for that product. This feature really helps with those waiting on stand-by for a certain item. In the future we would like to setup back ordering and this is our solution for the meantime.

Flexkits: http://www.avidrc.com/flexkit/

Flexkit is in BETA stage. This program has been in development for years off and on. Some of the more popular vehicles are already added and more are being added everyday. If you don't see what you are looking for or have any problems using this program, please shoot Avid an email by clicking here and explain what kit you need or what problem you may have discovered or if you simply just have some suggestions.

Welcome to Avid RC's FlexKit program. FlexKit is designed to allow you to customize your bearing kit for your car. Typical bearing kits consist of all rubber sealed bearings, metal shielded, or the ever popular Revolution seal that Avid invented but you never get to choose which ones. With our software you can get down and dirty by choosing exactly what you want or you can click the Order Kit button right away if you just want it nice and simple. So are you ready to get started?

Once you add the kit to your cart you have the ability to increase the values of each particular bearing if you know you need more or if you don't need that bearing at all you may remove! That's right, fully custom!

Dealers: as of right now these kits do not come with header cards or packaged together as a group. This is an advanced aid for everyone to find what is in their vehicles.

Stock Available:

This is just a simple feature that lets you know how many of a bearing is in stock so you don't have to hunt for the last bit of quantity. It is available on every product page.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

After a longtime debating if social networking was necessary, it turns out it doesn't hurt! Twitter is used mainly for news releases and Facebook is used to post your photos and receive web specials so you better join now!




Thank You,
Avid RC / David Joor

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