Avid Newsletter October 2010

Oct 06 2010

In This Issue - October 6, 2010

  1. New Products and Bearings Back in Stock
  2. Get Notified On Stock Levels
  3. Avid Wins Ifmar World Championships
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New Products and Bearings Back in Stock

As everyone as noticed, stock has been a little wavy recently and I can't apologize enough. The growth at Avid never stops and I never stop learning. Right now at the end of the year there have been issues with our factories because of new carbon discharge law, there is so many hours the factories are allowed to run so they don't go over before the year end. Besides all of this the stock has been dripping in.

So almost everything is back in stock and in a couple of weeks another huge inventory increase will take place. Avid also got several new sizes in stock, visit this link to see all of them http://www.avidrc.com/product/n/latest-items/ or look at them listed below.

  • Engine Bearings!!!!

    All the most popular engine bearings have been at Avid for almost 6 months now and winning races all over the world. And guess what? They are the lowest high quality engine bearings you will find in RC.

    14x25.4x6 Ceramic
    14x25.8x6 Ceramic
    12x21x5 Ceramic
    7x19x6 Ceramic
    7x17x5 Ceramic

  • 8x14 Serpent Flanged Revolutions

    This bearing is designed for use in the Serpent Cobra 811 hubs (4) where they have the rubber seal on the flanged side.

  • 13x19 Rubber

    Designed for the Xray 808 and good for the hubs if your track conditions are eating them quicker. Revolutions (rubber/metal) work best on 90% of the tracks out there but on some tracks the grease will melt and slowly fling out on the inside of the hub. This will slow this process down even more but at the price of a less free rolling drivetrain.

  • Slide Bearing Grease

    Avid Slide Bearing Grease provides great protection to your bearing by maintaining lubrication and adding an extra barrier that helps block dust/dirt to reach the deep groove where the ball spins against the rings.

  • Slip Bearing Oil

    Avid Slip Bearing Oil will amaze you at the performance gains you will recieve. This Teflon based oil is designed to reduce metal on metal wear by reducing friction and will remove dirt while displacing other moisture to add protection from rust.

Get Notified On Stock Levels

One thing that several customers asked for, was a system of notification for when the stock level of a particular item was back in. Well Avid has done just that. On each product page there is now a button named "Email Notify". When you click on it you can add your email address or if you are logged in it will automatically be filled in for you. You will receive only one email when the products stock level increases and that is it. You won't be added to a mailing list and you won't be continually emailed each time the stock level increases.

Avid Wins 2010 Ifmar World Championships

Avid Bearings wins The 2010 IFMAR 200mm ICC Worlds held in Porter Texas at Mike's Hobbyshop under the amazing driving and wrenching of Ralph Burch of RCAmerica/Xray.  This brought the best drivers from all around the world to compete in the intense weather conditions that the Houston area had to offer. 

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